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Ransomware? Please hold for the next available agent

Please join me next Oct 21, 2020 at 11.15 hrs. (GMT + 2:00) at CS3STHLM for this live talk describing the evolution of ransomware threats to industrial control systems (ICS) / operational technologies (OT). On this day, I will share the results of over a year of research with FireEye Mandiant's cyber physical threat intelligence team, and present evidence to suggest ransomware is a major challenge for OT defenders.

For more information on the event I drop here this official video that the CS3STHLM team released as part of their communications campaign to go digital. For the same reason, this year the ticket is cheaper than ever, and highly recommended as we are talking about one of the most important OT security conferences worldwide!

Hope to see you around and, as promised, please find below more images of techie animals. ∪◕ฺᴥ◕ฺ∪

Image courtesy of Mel Arroyo.

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