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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

industrial security may benefit from listening to the data

Nathan Brubaker's Techie Cat.

Growing into the field of industrial control systems (ICS) or operational technology (OT) security has been an exciting journey. As the field continues to be relatively young and we observe how the challenges become gradually more complex, every day brings new questions and issues to address.

However, if there is one single important topic that I feel has been largely ignored across this specialized community, it is data. As we continue to search for ways to protect organizations from cyber physical attacks, it is important to remember that data can be very powerful when we work with it properly. That is, when we understand what information can help us make better decisions, how can we collect it, and how can we communicate it so that it benefits our peers.

Gladly, as we observe the journey of the industrial security market into maturity, data is playing an increasingly important role. Newly released security products are notoriously struggling through the process of collecting, processing and sharing information. Researchers are beginning to identify and consolidate sources of data for their organizations and other peers to share and repurpose.

From my side, I have been able to design and collaborate in some projects that illustrate this value. While I cannot share unfortunately the wonderful projects I am working on at the moment, I thought it was possible to share some thoughts based on blogs that my team has recently released.

As we have continuously worked on these types of projects, it becomes every time more obvious to me that data on industrial security is a gold mine. Those who take the time to identify where to obtain it from, how to obtain it, and how to distribute those collections are likely to get lucky during the next couple years.

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