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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

what's this new blog about?


First of all, if you are reading this blogpost chances are you are one of the first visitors of the site and I am really grateful for it. Without much preamble, the creation of this site is a personal project intended to share some of the ideas and learnings I have acquired through experience in a variety of industries and working with highly skilled peers. I also intend to show that it is possible to master technical expertise without compromising the image of the end product.

Most of the contents you can expect to find here will be related to cyber physical security. In other words, cybersecurity for those who focus not on lost or stolen data, but on attacks that may result in impacts that damage or modify the physical world. These impacts can be as simple as changed colors on traffic lights, or as complex as the disruption or destruction of industrial processes in a factory. The equipment that controls these physical processes is what we often call industrial control systems (ICS) or operational technologies (OT).

As a final preamble, I want to highlight that all of the contents present in this blog are correspond only to the author and do not reflect my organization's posture. However, I will often share public posts released by my organization, and provide some additional comments to express personal viewpoints.

Without more to say, I hope you enjoy this and please reach out if you want to discuss about ideas, projects, posts, or simply ask about topics you would be curious of reading about.

(Needless to say, my posts will also often contain fun animal pictures.)

"Snake Targets OT" by Corey Hildebrandt

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